Services & Facilities


Singhe Hospitals Radiology unit consists of most modern equipment for most accurate patient diagnosis. 

Cardiac Unit

Singhe Hospitals Cardiac Unit is equipped to diagnose cardiac anomalies. The Cardiac Unit has a state of the art dedicated ECHO scanner, and for the first time in Ratnapura, an Exercise ECG unit is now available.

Surgical Unit

Singhe Hospitals is one of the few hospitals in Sri Lanka having the most modern in theater technology; Modular Theaters with Laminar Flow air flow system. 

Other Investigations

Details of various other investigations available at Singhe Hospitals.


Singhe Hospitals Laboratory is by far the best Clinical Laboratory in Ratnapura. 

Dental Unit

The Dental Unit at Singhe Hospital consists of a high quality dental chair imported from Japan with Video capabilities to provide our patients with best dental care

Minor Treatment Unit

For the first time in Ratnapura, minor surgeries can now be treated at a specially built Minor Treatment Unit at Singhe Hospitals. 


Well stocked Pharmacy at Singhe Hospitals provides our patients highest quality drugs at government specified prices. 


ETU at Singhe Hospitals is the first response unit prepared to manage an emergency. The ETU is open 24 hours and well equipped and staffed to take care of a patient in a critical condition.

Room & Suites

From Air conditioned multi-bed wards to Super Luxury VIP Suites, Singhe Hospitals has it all. 

Food & Beverages

Details of various other investigations available at Singhe Hospitals.